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“We want to put your business on the Internet!”

     Once your web pages are designed and ready for public viewing they need a "home" on the Internet so they can be accessed 24 hours a day by Internet traffic (your prospective clients). This is done by uploading them to a web hosting server.

     As a convenience to our customers, C-IDS offers reliable web hosting for as little as $20 per month. No set up fee is required and your account can be activated in 24 hours or less on our reliable web servers. Each web site gets it's own personalized control panel. This powerful website control panel gives you complete control over your web site.

     C-IDS offers the following web site hosting plans:

              ($20 per month)

               - 40 Megs of Disk Space

               - 16 Gigs  of Bandwidth

               - 1 FTP Account

               - 1 Email Account

              ($35 per month)

               - 400 Megs of Disk Space

               - 40 Gigs  of Bandwidth

               - 10 FTP Account

               - 10 Email Account

.              ($55 per month)

               - 4 Gigs of Disk Space

               - 80 Gigs  of Bandwidth

               - Unlimited FTP Accounts

               - Unlimited Email Accounts

   Website Hosting Plans