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     Just as each web site design is different, the cost of the website will be different. The cost will depend on the requirements of your website. For example do you need an informational website? Do you plan to sell products or services? Will you site require any web programming such as PHP, MYSQL, etc. Do you want Macromedia Flash to be used in your website project?

     Factors like these must be taken into account when preparing a quote for your web site design project. To give you an idea of what a website design from C-IDS will cost, the following rates are available for a static html website design:

Silver Website

Gold Website

Platinum Website

Ecommerce Website Package

This package includes a custom 5 page html web site designed to represent your business with a user-friendly interface. Your pages can be home, about, services, location, and contact. Go with our suggestions or choose your own page names! Free contact form included.

This package includes a custom 10 page html web site designed to represent your business with a user-friendly interface. You can have all the pages mentioned in the Silver package plus 5 more. You can include a photo gallery, a calendar of events or any other pages which will advertise your business.  

This package includes a custom 15-20 html professional web site designed to represent your business with a user-friendly interface. We can scan in your logo and other graphic elements at no charge to you! This package also comes with a Free Contact Form and basic search engine submission.

This package includes a custom ecommerce web store designed to represent your business. You can add, remove and update your own products with an admin panel. Free upload of up to 50 products with images, prices, and description. Use PayPal or 2Checkout to process credit cards.

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View web hosting prices or use your own web hosting.

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     The rates for our ecommerce websites start at $1,200. View examples of our ecommerce web sites. For a detailed quote, please take a few minutes to request a FREE quote on your web design project.

For Your Information...

     Turn around time on website design projects depends on client workload, but is usually within a couple of weeks depending on your web site requirements. When we prepare your free web site design quote, we will give you a time frame to complete your project. Click here to find out the steps to getting a web site designed by C-IDS.

     Need more information? Please take a minute to fill out the web design quote request form. Based on the information you've provided us with, you will receive a confidential quote within a couple of hours of sending in your request.

     Remember, everyday that you wait to get your web site online, your competition is making sales that might have gone to you!

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